Hello. Well, I am Tiffany the host and current business manager/owner at Golden Sands. I am serving the third year of a five year lease. I never imagined I would have this job ... but now I do! I am responsible for all maintenance and repairs here. And I am proud to say I have never defaulted on my rent which is a huge 10k a year. So as you must imagine, it's a lot of hard work to cover the outgoings. On taking the lease at Golden Sands we have gone on to build a client base and gain respect from social representation. 

It's not been easy. We can't please everyone and vice versa.

I have five rescue pets and a very loving family. Often being apart has certainly bought us closer. As I am not native to Blackpool, I have at times, found myself in very vulnerable positions where I have been the victim of theft, social abuse and even a hate campaign. My biggest weakness being too generous - that said, I have not had any bad guest experiences apart from a Groupon disaster than made me want to die. I keep in regular contact with many visitors who have become like an extended family. It's a privilege.


I believe life is a lesson and it is during our toughest times we find our greatest strengths. I have many good neighbours in the same trade, many are personal friends. I enjoy a nice social life when I feel like leaving the nest. I also have my own project going on on the same street which keeps me very busy. I am not 'single' I do have a him and it's very private to me. I have to balance my time due to commitments. He is my rock. I could not do any of this without his love. 

I am meeting my greatest challenges and we are living in unpresedented times, My mantra is 'to be kind' but not foolish. To enjoy some time to myself and greet strangers with an open heart. To always look ahead and not let bad energy stand before me. 

I am involved with various causes. My soul 'food'. Throughout my life this has consistently being, women's issues, animal welfare and homelessness. I too have been without a home. When we lose everything we can go towards the dark or the light. I have indeed been to hell like many others. Struggle defines us and is our greatest teacher.

My favourite visitors are families. In particular I relate to 'autistic children' who to me, are all perfect. Gifted. Awake. Honest. 

Golden Sands is currently ideal for families and we are pet friendly too. 

My new project is a romantic getaway, or peaceful retreat for adults. A coastal escape in a beautiful space. Ideal for anyone who wants quiet time and contemplation in a spiritually calming home. May light protect me to do this work and attract only love and well wishes. To keep bad intent away. And if all else fails I would be quite happy to live in a shed with the love. I don't really want for anything. Nobody has a life which I would prefer to our own. Less is More. 

I tribute this little synopsis to Danielle Robinson who cleans like an Angel and listens like a therapist. Love is the Answer - Always. 

Tiff. X


Golden Sands Blackpool - 19 St Chad's Road is situated on the South Shore between the Central and South Piers and is a 10 minutes’ walk from Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Blackpool Tower is around 20 minutes away. This is our guests’ favourite part of Blackpool, according to independent reviews. This property also has one of the best-rated locations in Blackpool! Guests are happier about it compared to other properties in the area.

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